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2013 Donation Report

In 2013, we collected £281,299 through Memory Giving our online donations service to over 240 different charities. By giving through Memory Giving, a further £41,033 was collected for gift aid.

Whilst we do continue to support the collection of donations made in the form of cheques made out to the charity, we strongly discourage the collection of cash.

About Memory Giving

Memory Giving

Memory Giving pass the funds directly to the charity concerned within days of the donation and the pages, with their messages from donors will be viewable after the page closes for further donations typically 6-8 weeks after the funeral. When the page closes, the family will be sent a comprehensive report of all donations.

We will create the collection page and families may assist by providing a photograph.

Memory Giving, in line with online payment services takes a commission of 5% of the donation. We are confident that the Gift Aid recovery which Memory Giving provide on behalf of the charity increases the gift by upwards of 18%.

Graph of top ABW charities

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