Green Funerals

The characteristics of a green funeral are simplicity, consideration for the environment such as the use for sustainable or natural products or services and a deliberate rejection of conventional memorialisation.

Key Features:

  • A coffin that is ideally made from sustainable local natural products.
  • No chemical body preparation such as embalming.
  • Not cremation which is usually understood to be environmentally damaging.
  • Burial at a site that serves as a site for conservation with no or very limited grave marking – perhaps only with a tree.

Something to consider:

Natural or Woodland burial grounds will not permit the traditional headstone markers with the aim that eventually the grave is reclaimed by nature. The absence of a demarcated grave is often found to be a difficult step to consider especially at the time of arranging the funeral.

Comparative cost:

Woodland burial site costs vary according to the facilities on offer at the site and the current burial costs for our three nearest sites are listed below.

Rotherfield Greys Burial Ground, Henley-on-Thames - From £1,575

Acorn Ridge, Newbury - From £1,450

Chiltern Woodland Burial Park, Beaconsfield - From £2,000

Nearly 80% of us are cremated. These burial grounds offer burial of cremated remains, providing a rural final resting place.

(Please note these prices are a guide only).

A useful website is which outlines the services offered by each of the above.


 We are proud to be listed as a recommended funeral director by the Natural Death Centre.





What can we offer?

We can provide the whole or parts of our normal services to suit your need. With regard to coffins we would recommend looking at our full coffin range; all wooden and veneer coffins are sourced from sustainable sources. Perhaps the most commonly used for woodland burials are our simple veneered coffins with wooden handles or our willow coffins. Cardboard coffins are less expensive but the manufacturing process is less environmentally considerate and is to some degree less practical for viewing the deceased.