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Plan holder celebrates 100th birthday

Nora Edwards celebrated her 100th birthday in style - with two parties. For Nora life has been about living, and she has always been on the go. At the age of 88 she was still volunteering.

‘You only live once,’ she says. And she doesn’t worry about dying. ‘If it happens, it happens,’ she says. ‘We’ve all got to go at some time.’

It was a relief for Nora when she took out her funeral plan in 2010. ‘I didn’t want anyone else to have any worries,’ she says. ‘I wanted to leave things tidy. I thought it was my responsibility. I just wanted everything done.’

Nora is a widow. Her only child, a daughter, died in 1978 when she was 34 years old. Nora’s grandson lives in Scotland and they are very close.

She has decided she wants to be cremated and for her ashes to be scattered. She wants the wind to blow them away.

As for music, that has to be the ABBA song ‘Dancing Queen.’ I love ABBA she says. I want the people who go to the funeral to go out to that song. I want them to go out happy.’

Nora has led a busy life. ‘I like people,’ she says.’ I have always been urged on to work. I have always wanted to get out and do something.’

She worked in a fashion showroom and in an office. She is a former volunteer for Victim Support and at the age of 79 she started volunteering at the Duchess of Kent Hospice.

It was while she was there that she went on a visit to A.B. Walker. She was impressed by their courtesy and found the team professional and caring. ‘They deal with you so nicely,’ she says.

She didn’t consider going to anyone else when it came to planning her funeral.

Meanwhile she is getting on with life and feels fortunate to have reached the age of 100. She says in her mind she feels no different to the way she felt 30 years ago. She still wants to do the things she did then.