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Types of Memorial

At A.B. Walker we are memorial specialists. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience in memorials and will happily answer any questions you may have.

A memorial is a permanent symbol of remembrance and a traditional way of paying tribute to a relative or friend. Our experienced team will be able to help and advise you choose the right memorial to ensure that the finished product is to your requirements. We would be happy for you to inspect the memorial prior to it being placed on the grave.

The majority of memorials consists of natural materials - stone, slate, marble and granite - which are able to withstand the elements for many years, are strong and durable and can be shaped and personalised to a client’s wishes.

Memorial Packages

Some clients prefer to have a simpler memorial and for this reason, we have various memorial packages for both churchyard and cemeteries in polished black granite or silver grey honed granite. There is a fixed price for the headstone memorial or cremated remains memorial tablet which includes 50 letters and it can be fitted by our BRAMM accredited masons within 4 weeks at any churchyard or cemetery in Berkshire or South Oxfordshire. There is a specific memorial cremated remains tablet option for Henley Road Cemetery in Reading. Memorial prices start from £400.00. Click here for further information on memorial packages.

Cremated remains memorials

Many cemeteries and churchyards have an area for the burial or scattering of cremated remains. These memorials are often smaller in size and may be of a flat tablet / wedge tablet / desk tablet style.


Headstones, as memorials, are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and finishes and, once the inscription has been chosen, it can be personalised further by adding photographs or designs.

Kerb sets and larger memorials

In some cemeteries and churchyards, permission may be granted to erect larger memorials. These are supplied, as are all headstones, with full anti-subsidence platforms and the use of rustless dowels into all possible mortar joints to improve the strength.

Existing memorials

Our Monumental Masons are able to clean, renovate and add inscriptions to all existing memorials. We safely store memorials that have been removed to allow new burials to take place. Then, following instructions from our client, we are able to carry out additional work including the refixing of the completed memorial.



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A.B. Walker have a whole masonry department including our team of in-house monumental masons that supply, fix and repair memorials from simple tablets to large monuments.

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