The Day of the Funeral

The timings and order of events on the day of the funeral will have been discussed and agreed in advance, but AB Walker will get in touch the day before the funeral to confirm the plans with you and ensure you know exactly what to expect.

In the days leading up the funeral

During the process of organising the funeral with you, we will build up a comprehensive plan regarding what you wish to happen on the day. Included in this plan are not only the practical necessities, such as the funeral procession timings and route, but also those specific details that will make the event personalised to the person who has died. The person who will coordinate, guide and share the day with you is the funeral conductor.

Before the funeral

Because we want you to begin the morning of the funeral feeling as calm as possible, with no concerns about how the day’s events will unfold, your funeral conductor will call you in the late afternoon or early evening of the last working day before the funeral to confirm the discussed and agreed plans.

If, for any reason, your funeral conductor is unable to call, you’ll be able to speak to another of our funeral conductors who has been fully briefed on the plan.

In the phone call the conductor will run through the plans a final time and ask if you have any last questions to ensure everything goes as you expect.

On the day of the funeral itself

On the day of the funeral the conductor will be accompanied by four or six bearers who will usually carry the coffin on their shoulders into the venue. On some occasions a wheeled bier will be used. If you have any family members or friends who wish to assist with carrying, please let us know.

Once the coffin is in place and the congregation are ready, the officiant will welcome everyone and proceed with the funeral service.

If you have chosen to have a cremation, you can decide whether you would like the curtains to remain open or closed towards the end of the service. For a burial, the coffin will be taken to the grave and lowered, often accompanied by words of committal prayer or words of tribute from the person officiating.

After this, you will be able to make your way to the reception.

If you asked us to collect the ashes from the crematorium, we will let you know when they are in our care so you can arrange to collect them.

You can contact us 24/7

Email or call us with your questions, queries and requirements. For urgent assistance, call us on 0118 957 3650 24 hours a day, seven days a week.