Why Plan Ahead?

Planning for the future is a necessary part of life: we plan our lives to make sure every milestone and event goes as we hope, and to ensure that everything works out financially.

Planning for the end of life

When planning for the end of life we all have wishes we’d like honoured, whether that’s regarding the months or years before we pass, the details of the funeral, or exactly what happens once we’re gone.

Many people want to make sure their affairs are in order, but often find thinking about their end of life difficult.

However, making certain important decisions can feel like a positive step, and be beneficial for both you and your family in going some way towards making a distressing time slightly more bearable.

If you’ve had to a arrange a funeral for someone else, you might be aware that it isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially when emotions are running high. Making end of life decisions in advance and organising a prepaid funeral plan lets your family, friends, carers and healthcare professionals know your wishes for when the time comes:

  • It helps you to stay in control of what happens to you
  • You can feel relieved that you have shared and documented your wishes
  • It can avoid stress and disagreement between those who would otherwise have to make decisions on your behalf
  • It can also reduce the emotional and financial burden on your loved ones.

What to consider when planning ahead

There are a number of things to consider when planning ahead.

Funeral wishes

A prepaid funeral plan can be an easy way to pre-arrange the funeral you want. When planning your funeral, there are of course essential details to consider, but the smaller particulars are just as important to think about and specify in advance.

So whilst you should make a decision on burial or cremation; a religious, civil or humanist ceremony; or the location of your final resting place, it’s also wise to reflect on the less obvious aspects. For example, the flowers you’d like, the songs you want your friends and family to associate with you, and whether you’d like a poem read aloud by someone important to you. Whatever you decide, a prepaid funeral plan can make everything a lot simpler.

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