Your Funeral Wishes

Thinking about, and recording your wishes for your funeral can help you feel in control of what happens to you.

Recording your funeral wishes

We are all different and have different wishes on what we would – and wouldn’t – want for our funeral.

Sharing these wishes can be a positive step, and be beneficial to both you and those who will have to make the arrangements when the time comes:

  • Helps you to stay in control and allows for your wishes to be met
  • Can avoid stress and disagreement between those making the arrangements, knowing they are doing what you wish.

Using our simple form below, you can share your wishes with us, and with family or friends, and give yourself that peace of mind. We will keep a record of your wishes so that when the time comes we can help your family or friends to meet those wishes.

My funeral wishes

This form covers the main aspects you might want to consider when thinking about your funeral.

After you submit the form, we will be in touch with a reference number. If you want to discuss your wishes or make any changes in future, just contact us with your reference number.

Other considerations when planning ahead

You can contact us 24/7

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