Funeral Venues and Officiants

The venue and officiant you choose for your loved one’s funeral are both important aspects to consider, as they will set the tone for the day. AB Walker will help you make the right choices to ensure your loved one’s final farewell is as they would wish.

Helping you find the right funeral venue and officiant

With years of experience working with venues and officiants, we’re on hand to help you find the ones that best suit the values and beliefs of the person who has died.

Choosing a funeral venue

When planning a funeral, perhaps the first decision you’ll make is deciding on a venue. If the person who has died was religious and attended a specific church then the decision is likely to be easy; if they were not religious, you have various options, and we can talk you through these in our discussions.

The crematorium chapel is a popular venue, as it’s suitable for both religious and non-religious services, but there are no legal restrictions on where a funeral can be held, and a license is not necessary. So as long as the venue you have in mind agrees, you can hold a funeral anywhere, even outside, if this best suits the nature of the person who has died. Many people choose village halls or local hotels, so if you don’t wish to hold the service in a church or in the crematorium chapel, you’ll have plenty of choices.

Choosing a funeral officiant

The majority of funeral services remain religious in content, with civil services often having some religious content, and non-religious services focusing wholly on the more secular marking of a death.

During our discussions, we’ll ask if you already have someone in mind to lead the funeral service. If the person who has died was religious and attended a church, the first choice is likely to be their religious leader, but if not, there are several options.

We have experience in arranging funerals of almost every faith and denomination and work alongside ministers, priests, humanists, celebrants and pastors.

If the service is to be religious, we can contact your local minister or priest so they can offer pastoral support and if you would like a funeral which is partly religious or is secular (entirely focused on the person who has died), we can introduce you to someone suitable to officiate.

Each service is unique and we will work alongside everyone involved to ensure that your wishes are met.

Music, hymns and tributes

Deciding on the content of the service can be daunting. Our funeral arranger and your officiant will guide you through the options available to personalise the funeral including music, hymns, readings, slideshow tributes and eulogies.

The officiant will want to meet with you to discuss your wishes and will present you with a running order ahead of the service so you can be sure you are happy with the content. You or family or friends may like to speak at the service or you can ask the officiant to read your tribute or eulogy instead.

You don’t need to worry about sourcing any of the music or arranging an organist as we will liaise with your officiant and ensure everything is in place for the funeral. We can also create a slideshow to be played with or without music if this is something you might like.

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