Funeral Prices

There are several elements that make up the cost of a funeral, affected by the choices you make. We are always fully transparent with you on costs and explain each one, so you can understand the overall cost and make the right choices for you.

Our prices

There are regulations from the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) which mean that all funeral directors have a legal requirement to publish their prices in the same format so you can compare them. There are standard fees that all funeral directors must provide and additional fees for services the CMA have not specified.

Our fees are transparent and the costs we publish are the costs we charge. When we meet with you and discuss your personal requirements for the funeral, we will provide you with an itemised estimate and explain each cost before we proceed. There is no VAT on funeral charges but memorial works are subject to VAT.

Funeral costs

Essentially, funeral costs are made up of two elements:

  • The funeral director’s fees
  • Third party costs

Funeral director fees

These include:

  • Arranging all aspects of the funeral following your wishes
  • Taking care of all necessary legal and administrative arrangements, including working with the relevant third parties
  • Collecting and taking the person who has died into our care and looking after them until the funeral. Our standard fee covers collection within 15 miles, during office hours and up to 25 days care of your loved one.  If your circumstances mean we need to receive your loved one during the night or a weekend, we are available anytime day or night. If they have died elsewhere, we can discuss having them brought into our care for the funeral to be held here
  • Providing your choice of a suitable coffin
  • Taking the person who has died to the funeral venue in a hearse,  bearers for the coffin and a conductor to coordinate the event
  • Additional services, such as embalming, can be provided at extra cost.

Third party and additional costs

Third party costs are outside of our control, but to ensure you have no surprises, we do our best to give you an accurate guide price when we give you your written estimate.

Sometimes called disbursements, these costs cover additional services or those provided by third parties including:

  • Medical forms
  • Burial or cremation fees
  • Church fees
  • Specialist funeral transport, printing and flowers.

How to pay

We’ll ask you to pay a deposit prior to the funeral date; this will be made up of 50% of our funeral director’s charges and 100% of the disbursements, so that we can pay the third parties to secure their services.

Payment can be made by card or bank transfer using the name of the person who has died or your funeral account number as the reference. It’s easy to pay online with us, and we also accept payment by cheque.

The balance is invoiced the week after the funeral date.

Get help with funeral costs

Government help may be available to support you in paying for a funeral. If you wish to make a claim for a contribution towards funeral costs through the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), we can offer advice and prepare the required invoice.

You can contact us 24/7

Email or call us with your questions, queries and requirements. For urgent assistance, call us on 0118 957 3650 24 hours a day, seven days a week.