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Doug Walters

We are no longer able to accept donations via this page. If you would like to make an in memoriam donation to Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity, please follow this link to their website:

Doug Walters


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Passed away on 19 January 2021, aged 84 years.

All donations in Doug's memory are gratefully received.

Page closed on 10 March 2021

Funeral Service
Date & Time:Tuesday 02 Feb 2021 10:45 AM
Service:Reading Crematorium - South Chapel
Live Webcast Details:
Order of Service:
Please view the Order of Service here.

Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity

Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity

At Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, we believe there’s always more we can do for our sick kids and that’s why we will always strive to do more for our patients and families. It’s our mission to raise the vital funds needed to make a real difference to all who use our hospital’s services, offering them the best experience possible.


  • £20.00 Susan Walters offline donation
  • £30.00 (+ £7.12) Simon, Aimée, Élodie, Léonie, Delphine and Annabelle Knott online donation
    Only the best Uncles get promoted to Great Uncle. Love Simon, Aimée, Élodie, Léonie, Delphine and Annabelle. XXxxxx
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) Aimée Knott online donation
    Of all the walks we've taken together, I will remember one always. Love Aimée xxx
  • £50.00 Anonymous online donation
  • £50.00 The Three Counties Branch online donation
    Doug has done so much for the Oddfellows over the years always with a smile of his face and a little chuckle. Very much a 'hands on' man. His commitment and support enthusiasm and energy will be sincerely missed by us all.
  • £50.00 Margaret Choules offline donation
  • £30.00 (+ £7.12) Colin & Sylvia Feist online donation
    Farewell Doug, it was a pleasure to know you.
  • £75.00 J & H Doherty offline donation
  • £20.00 Mr H Roberts offline donation
  • £150.00 Godfrey Walters online donation
    G Howell Many Happy Memories of a fine Brother
  • £20.00 Chris online donation
    Such a gentleman in the truest sense of the word. Will miss you at TT and 'The Elephant'. God be with you.
  • £20.00 LYNN online donation
    Happy memories of Douglas going way back to his Cae Glas days.
  • £25.00 Reading District Oddfellows online donation
    Doug was a wonderful man and will be sadly missed by all who knew him. We are very grateful for all he did for The Oddfellows, his legacy will live on and we will remember him fondly when we are singing and exercising.
  • £75.00 (+ £17.81) Mary and Keith, Ruth and Richard online donation
    We have many fond memories of Doug. He was a good friend.
  • £175.00 Direct Wines Inc. online donation
  • £30.00 (+ £7.12) David Clegg online donation
    Doug was a valued friend and colleague. He was a remarkable man.
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) Jim & Pat Jenkins online donation
  • £20.00 Sue and Chris online donation
    Such a lovely man who will be sorely missed by all who knew him.
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) Anonymous online donation
  • £20.00 Krystyna Binks online donation
    Will miss your infectious laugh. RIP
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) David Maynerd online donation
    Lovely, kind, Doug, always with a ready smile. Best wishes and condolences to all his family.
  • £10.00 (+ £2.38) Stephen Trotter Hatch online donation
    Good Bye good friend and in memory of our Celtic origins.
  • Anonymous online donation
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) Derek Sanders online donation
  • Alec Bath online donation
    A sad loss to us all.
  • £30.00 (+ £7.12) John Ellams online donation
    In bits at the service today. Wonderful tributes Jane, Maggie and Ariadne. Learned lots I didn't know about Doug but none of it a surprise based on what I did know of him. Will always fondly remember him as a fabulous bloke.
  • £10.00 David Leon online donation
    Good bye old friend- such happy memories off our golfing days together
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) Jerry Martin online donation
    In memory of Doug Walters, a good friend to many in the railways
  • £30.00 (+ £7.12) Bruce Blackwell online donation
    Fondly remembering Doug who always made us teenagers feel safe and happy in the family home. Love to Joy, Richard and Jane. Bruce x
  • £50.00 (+ £11.88) Hewitt swift's online donation
    Going to miss you Doug . A true Gentleman x
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) Anonymous online donation
  • Anonymous online donation
  • £30.00 (+ £7.12) Sally and Tony online donation
    With fond memories, Sally and Tony
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) Julia Moggs online donation
    With fond memories x
  • £50.00 (+ £11.88) Chris and Jill Ward online donation
    We shall miss his cheery demeanour and wise counsel. The word "friend" was coined to describe Doug.
  • £20.00 David and Pat Thomas online donation
    Wonderful memory of him a real gentleman
  • £30.00 (+ £7.12) Chris Mew and Railway Flock online donation
    With fond memories of Doug over many years during his railway career and in retirement
  • £50.00 Shirley and Peter Caddick online donation
    In memory of a true gentleman. Condolences to his family.
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) John Barrett online donation
    Always enjoyed Dougs cheerful company at the Bombardier G.S.
  • £30.00 (+ £7.12) Avril Davies online donation
    So many lovely memories from family parties of Doug, a happy and busy 1st cousin once removed, who absolutely lived his life to the full. You will be greatly missed.
  • £100.00 Bombardier Golf Society online donation
    Our formal recognition of the many years' of dedicated service that Doug gave to the society on behalf of all of the many friends he made along the way. Still organising trophies and providing sage advice to the last, all backed up by his great sense of humour.
  • £100.00 Censornet online donation
    Condolences to the Family.
  • £30.00 (+ £7.12) Bill &Jill Forsyth online donation
    He will be missed by his many friends
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) Ieuan Morgan Thomas online donation
    Fond memories. Will be missed at family gatherings.
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) Bob and Edna online donation
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) John Morgan and Frances Thomas online donation
    Fond memories of family gatherings. Will be greatly missed
  • £50.00 (+ £11.88) laure and pia online donation
    We have the fondest memories of Doug from all our family get togethers stretching back over 60 years. A lovely man with a great sense of humour. RIP Doug
  • £25.00 Joan Pike online donation
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) Ian Macro online donation
    A great friend and with the golf society and through Probus for some 30 years. Will miss the chatter .
  • £20.00 Tony Horsfall online donation
    RIP Doug, you will be sorely missed by all at Bombardier and Odd Fellows
  • £30.00 (+ £7.12) John Banks and family online donation
    A very good friend and neighbour for 40 years. A lasting memory will be his infectious laugh!
  • £30.00 (+ £7.12) Kenneth Newell online donation
    An excellent Railway Project Manager and great friend and colleague to all in the Investment Manager's team. A great loss.
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) Elizabeth & Ian Burn online donation
    Our Friend and a true gentleman
  • £50.00 (+ £11.88) Greg & Fran Cullingham online donation
    Doug was a true Gentleman. He was endlessly cheerful with a great sense of humour but very encouraging and supportive. He had a finger in many pies but managed to keep track of everything. He was an example to us all and will be sadly missed.
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) Peter and Barbara Atkey online donation
    With our fondest memories: Peter and Barbara
  • Anonymous online donation
  • £30.00 (+ £7.12) Richard and Anita online donation
    Doug was a gentleman in every sense of the word. Happy, optimistic, enthusiastic and always encouraging. We are so fortunate to have known him as a friend.
  • Anonymous online donation
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) Dot & Meyrick online donation
    We will miss Doug at The Oddfellows club more than we can express. His cheerfulness and kindness always lifted our spirits
  • Anonymous online donation
  • £30.00 (+ £7.12) Dick Spencer online donation
    Doug was a kind and helpful colleague with a great sense of humour who will be greatly missed by all who knew and worked with him.
  • £20.00 (+ £4.75) Jon Napper online donation
    In the years I knew Doug he was always a pleasure to talk to, whether on Railway business or on a personal level. We often shared a joke and a laugh whilst on the real ale trips.
  • £100.00 Royal Berkshire Oddfellows online donation
    In fond memory of a remarkable man who did so much for Royal Berkshire Branch and the Oddfellows in general. Doug was a true gentleman who will be sadly missed by all who knew him.