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Direct Cremation service

We are committed to ensure that funerals are offered with real choice and have created our Direct Cremation for those that would like a very simplified funeral with no attendance.

Funeral costs consist of the Funeral Director Fees and crematorium fee. 

There are a growing number of Direct Cremation 'man and a van' operators. As funeral directors at the heart of the community, we will always use a hearse and four bearers; our values dictate that whether traditional funeral or direct cremation, no-one should experience a compromise on dignity or care. If you would like, we could provide a picture of the coffin being carried into the crematorium on the day of the service.

As a Direct Cremation does not involve an associated  service you may wish to plan an alternative ceremony: we can help with options for venues and catering to meet your needs.

Direct Cremation includes:

Daytime transfer from a hospital or coroner’s mortuary within 15 miles.

Completion of all documentation.

Cremation at a day and time we choose – No funeral service and no attendance at crematorium.

Suitable simple coffin, in standard size, with nameplate.

Option to collect cremated remains from the crematorium or scatter in the Garden of Remembrance (unwitnessed).

No viewing.

Full payment in advance.

Total Cost £1,450

Out of hours transfer – additional £280. Doctor's fees may apply.

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