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Why plan ahead

'Later Life Planning' covers all areas of financial and care provision. It can cover such things as funeral planning, estate and tax planning and powers of attorney.

About 40% of people are making some decisions about what type of funeral they would like; in most cases through a funeral plan. 

Five key point to remember about our funeral plans:

1. The cost of our funeral plans are fixed at today's prices which makes financial sense

2. Your payments are protected which removes concerns regarding future affordability

3. You plan your funeral, your way which ensures respect for your wishes upon death thus helping to dissipate disputes and family conflicts.

4. Later life planning in general and funeral planning in particular removes worry for your family about funeral costs and funeral related decisions.

5. Whilst working in partnership with Golden Charter, the UK's largest funeral plan company, the independence of our family business and many decades of local experience supports families in securing the funds whilst obtaining appropriate local guidance and advice.  

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A.B. Walker have a whole masonry department including our team of in-house monumental masons that supply, fix and repair memorials from simple tablets to large monuments.

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