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A milestone year

2018 was a milestone year for some of the team at A.B. Walker, with four of us including Julian Walker celebrating our 50th birthdays.

Julian, whose daughter Georgie celebrated her 16th birthday in the same year, had a celebratory dinner and also a family lunch.

A.B. Walker is run by the fifth generation of the family.

‘I realise that age is only a number,’ says Julian.

‘I’m looking forward to making every day count that little bit more and to keeping on putting myself forward to do things including sporting challenges and local volunteering.’ In 2017 Julian cycled from London to Paris in just four days, in a bid to raise money for the Royal British Legion.

Thatcham Funeral Administrator Carolyn Tuttle, who celebrated her 50th birthday in 2018, spends her spare time coaching at Burghfield Football Club and she loves it.

Funeral Conductor Mark Hatch celebrated his 50th birthday in New York with his wife. He enjoys cycling and walking in his spare time.

Funeral Conductor Simon Fox also celebrated his 50th with an Elvis themed party.